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5 Signs That Your Asphalt Shingles Need to Be Replaced

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The average lifespan of asphalt shingles is around 20-30 years, but there are many signs besides age that indicate the need for roof replacement. Leading experts in roof repair near me offer these tips in identifying signs that your roof may need to be inspected for repair or replacement.

  • Shingle granules in the gutters and on the ground – asphalt shingles consist of multiple layers, the top layer being made from colored mineral granules that give the shingles their appearance and keep weather damage away. If those granules are removed by impact or by winds, the shingles become exposed to the elements. The issue cannot be repaired, the only way to address the problem being replacement;
  • Curling shingles – asphalt shingles can dry and shrink over time and the process might result in curling edges that allow for water to penetrate the roof structure and that make it easier for winds to grab the shingles and to tear them off. The only way to solve the issue is through replacement;
  • Moss growth – moss growing on a small area is not necessarily an issue that requires replacement – in many cases, moss can be simply washed off the roof. However, if a large area of the roof is covered in moss for a long time, the vegetation has probably weakened the surface underneath to the extent that the shingles need to be replaced.