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Can an Inexperienced Roofer Replace an Entire Roof Without Help?

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The roof on your home is an essential building component that plays crucial protection roles, therefore only a faultlessly installed roof will do, that is the only way to get the durable structure that you need. While most seasoned Frederick roofing companies near me agree that some minor roof fixes can be safely accomplished by amateur roofers who lack extensive experience, they also agree that roof replacement cannot and should not be attempted by inexperienced roofers, let alone attempting the replacement without help. Here is why:

  • Safety concerns – roofing work is performed at heights, often in awkward positions and often in extreme heat. Professional roofers have the physical condition and the knowledge necessary for installing roofs correctly as well as safely, so that is the best way to ensure a hassle-free process;
  • Concerns related to correct installation – every type of roofing materials requires knowledge, expertise and tools to install correctly and amateur roofers are likely to lack that skill and those tools;
  • Voided roof warranty – to maintain the manufacturer warranty, the roof owner needs to be able to prove that the roof was installed by a licensed professional. Any amateur or incorrect installation leads to the voiding of the warranty on the roofing materials used.