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Roofing Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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More and more homeowners are concerned by the energy-efficiency of their building and looking for ways to improve their home’s ability to hold energy inside. The roof being among the largest surfaces through which energy can escape from any building, here are a few tips – learn more here –  to help you improve the structure’s energy-efficiency:

  • Insulation – when installed under the roof, in the attic, insulation prevents heated air from rising from inside the building to the roof and to slip out through the roof. Attic insulation comes in many types, from blankets and panels to foam and other forms, so anyone can choose the material that works best for the building;
  • Changing the color of the roof – light colors reflect heat, while dark colors absorb it. When that rule is applied to roofs, it is easy to see how a roof color chosen with the region’s dominant climate in mind can improve the roofs energy-efficiency. Unfortunately, not all types of roofs can be repainted, but if you have a metal roof or a membrane system, you can easily find products to use to change the roof’s color;
  • Improve roof ventilation – ideally, your roof should have two vents, one right under the ridge and one at the bottom, to ensure the proper movement of air under the roof. Proper ventilation can significantly decrease the temperature of your roof, which will prevent not only the transfer of heat from the roof toward the building interior, but roof overheating as well.