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Self-evaluation Checklist for Your Commercial Roof

Performing a thorough assessment of your roof’s condition will help you determine whether the roof needs any repair, therefore these checks are essential for maintaining the health of your roof. Here is a short checklist with the most important assessment tasks:  

  • Check the roof surface – most commercial buildings use synthetic membrane, built-up or metal roofs, all of them very easy to check. During the inspection, look for ponding water, gaps between the roof covering material and the roof edge. Also look for issues specific for the material on your roof, such as dents, cracks and rust in the case of metal panels and punctures in the case of membranes;
  • Roof vents – check the vents for any clogging or damage; their health is essential for a long-lived roof as well as for the building’s energy efficiency;
  • The gutters – proper drainage is vital for any low-sloping roof, so check the gutter pipes and the downspouts for punctures, cracks, sagging and clogs;
  • The flashing stripes – flashing is the roof component that serves the role of reinforcing the roof where the roof’s continuity has been broken by an accessory, such as a chimney or some other opening. Check the stripes for proper attachment and also check for cracks and punctures that might let water through.
  • If you find any problems during this inspection, call leading roof repair Longmont CO contractors for quality inspection and repair services.