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What Types of Repairs Are Typical on A Commercial Roof?

Commercial roofs are built to be durable and to provide lasting protection from the elements, but even these sturdy structures need repairs every once in a while.

Erie roofing company pros

Erie roofing company pros substantiate that these the most common issues that affect commercial roofs and some tips about how to fix them:

  • Leaks – water can penetrate the deeper layers of the roof even through the tiniest puncture, gap or crack in the roofing surface. The areas that the most prone to develop leaks include the sections around flashing stripes, the seams and the edges, while the repair methods should be selected based on the type of material affected;
  • Ponding water – water that stands on the roof surface for over 48 hours can be a sign that the roof’s surface has started sagging or that the roof’s drainage system is compromised. Adequate repair action includes the cleaning, inspection and repair of the gutter system and action to straighten the roof surface;

Weather damage – storms, winds, strong hail, heavy snow and rain can all cause unexpected roof damage that needs to be repaired instantly. The types of damage caused by weather events include torn off roof sections, ripped off or loosened gutters and damaged structural elements