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What Types of Roof Repairs Are Common in Longmont CO?

 roof repair Longmont CO

Every geographical region has typical roofing issues and there are some problems that are common to all roofs around the world – here are the most common roof repairs performed in Longmont CO:

  • Roof leaks – water finding its way through the gaps cracks or punctures on the roof is a common issue for any region, including Longmont. Roof leaks make up a consider amount of the repair orders received by local roof repair Longmont CO contractors;
  • Storm damage – the Longmont area gets quite a few severe storms each year. The high winds and the hail that are often associated with these storms damage many local roofs, emergency repairs being very frequently required;
  • Repair for snow damage and ice damming – snow and ice are very heavy and both can cause severe roof damage. When the snow blanket on the roof becomes too thick, it starts exerting excessive pressure on the roof, which might lead to roof sagging. Ice dams are also very frequent in the area – the long icicles that hang by the roof edge form when the roof is not properly insulated and the air rising from the building interior melts the lower layers of the snow and the melted snow runs down the roof slope to freeze again at the edge.