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Your Guide to the Process of Re-Roofing Your Home

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If your old roof is in a poor condition and replacement cannot be postponed any longer, here are the principal steps identified by an in demand roofer in Longmont CO:

  • Planning – ideally, you should hire a professional roofer to assess your old roof in terms of stability, to decide whether it is only the roof surface that needs to go or the support structure of the roof needs to be replaced, too and to make recommendations about the best material options;
  • Site preparation – ensuring the safety of the re-roofing process is very important, so your project should start with the installation of a scaffolding and implementing all the necessary measures to ensure safe work;
  • The removal of the old roof and the disposal of the waste – the removed materials should be collected and transported to a site where they are recycled or destroyed safely;
  • Checking the remaining roof structure and reconstruction– whatever part of the old roof is used in the new structure, it needs to be checked to ensure that it is in perfect condition. All the structural elements that are weakened need to be replaced;
  • The installation of the underlayment and the battens – the waterproofing sheet is installed, followed by the installation of the battens onto which the roofing cover is mounted;
  • The final layer of the roof is installed, along with the extra features, such as the vents and the skylights.